Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Look Out.....Van Horne."

I'm 6'1 and weigh a buck 85. After meeting Keith Van Horne, I can absolutely never think of myself as a 'big' guy. I even tried to stick my chest out a bit to fill out my side of the picture. Not a chance. I felt like a toy poodle next to a lion. Look at the guy. He even looks like a lion.
Keith Van Horne was among the 23 former Bears at the Chicago Sun-Times 38th sports and collectibles show. Van Horne was a member of the O line for the Chicago Bears during their glory years. A graduate of UCLA, Van Horne was probably best known for his relentless protection of Jim McMahon. McMahon's cockiness always made him a hefty target for opposing defenses. Late hits on McMahon almost always resulted in Van Horne getting pissed off. It was that type of dedication to his quarterback, that made Keith Van Horne my favorite Chicago Bear from the 1985 Super Bowl team.


  1. He is a big dude. He's gotta be about 275?

  2. He's massive and he's on Steve Dahl's podcast each week, didn't know much about the guy, but he's hilarious -- they break down "The Bachelorette" each week. (no, I don't work for them...)

  3. met the man last nite at the Pinball expo. 6'8" but an easy guy to talk to. Go Bears!