Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beauty and Complexity: Part 1

I remember when I was a youngster and marveling at the height of the Sears Tower. Like absolutely any person who stood at the base of the 110 story, sleek office building..... I was in awe. I believe it took some 4 years to complete.
According to the most read book in all of human history: the Bible; the world took all of six days to complete. Six days.
Stick with me. Please.
As a father of two children I can attest to the fact that the incubation period for one human life is nine months. Sometimes it can be less. The eyes you are using to READ this took less than one year to create. Thousands and thousands are made each day. The eyes are only as good as the brain used to interpret the images. I'm assuming your brain may possibly be attempting to interpret what I am am trying to convey.
It is true that I am a Christian and I am a bit biased when it comes to the whole intelligent design versus "chance."
Between 1508 and 1512, Michelangelo "created" the beauty which is known as the Sistine Chapel. The Chapel is located within the Vatican in Rome. Micahelangelo had 6,000 square feet of ceiling to paint. He painted while standing on a scaffold, laying on a scaffold, paintbrush high above his head. During the summer months he would utilize each of the 17 hours of sunlight given to him. He sweated profusely in the summer and shivered fiercely in the winter. Until the ceiling became no more.

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