Sunday, March 15, 2009

Am I Experienced?

I intended on writing about Hendrix and his masterpiece Castles Made of Sand. No chance tonight. I'm beginning to understand why most bloggers hit the keys early before the sun is even out. My seven year-old is chewing on gum like Rosanne Barr. Meanwhile, my wife is asking me about some "date night" I apparently committed to. I was very close to screaming. It is my fault however, since I decided to postpone writing until now. The problem with the weekend has always been trying to make up for lost time with the family. As much as I love my children and am endeared to my wife, I just need a little time by myself. And "me" time should not be reserved to falling asleep and driving to work. I feel cranky and tired. I probably should swap out Jimmy's photo with another, but he looks too damn good and I'm too damn tired.

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