Monday, March 23, 2009

85' Bears Reunion

OK, so I was MIA for a couple of days. Guilty as charged. I don't have to cough up excuses since I work for myself. However, since you are probably one of a handful of people who take the time to read this blog, I will extend a simple and 'heartfelt' apology. I will be taking one weekend off of writing per month. This weekend certainly seemed ideal since I was busy out in Rosemont capturing footage for the Mounted Memories website.
Sunday afternoon was billed as a reunion of the Super Bowl Champion 1985 Chicago Bears. The cast of players included 23 of the Bears from that magical year.
In addition, Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan were on hand. Coach Ryan was such a gentleman to talk with. It is apparent that Coach's step is a bit slower than it once was, but he was such a pleasure to meet. Coach Ryan was so elated to see members of his bruising '46' defense. Among those he shared special moments with on Sunday were Otis Wilson, Steve McMichael, Dave Duerson, Richard Dent, Ron Rivera and Gary Fencik.
Mike Ditka was in a cordial mood considering he had hundreds of pieces to sign. Coach and I talked about his autograph collection which he says includes mostly signed baseballs. Among his favorites; Stan Musial, Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams single signed balls. Of course, if you visit any of his restaurants you can get a up-close look at his Bears and Cowboys memorabilia. His favorite Bears piece he said was Walter Payton's signed photo in which 'Sweetness' breaks the all-time rushing record. More Bears stuff to come tomorrow! And if you're wondering if Ryan and Ditka shared any moments.......the water is still safely above the bridge.

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  1. That is awesome. I looked for you at the show, but obviously didn't find you. Hope it all worked out well.