Monday, March 16, 2009

38th Annual Sports Collectibles Convention

This Friday begins the first of a 3-day sports collectibles event at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. It will be my second show since entering the memorabilia arena last July. My blogs over the next week or so will be centered around this weekend's event.

I was introduced to the memorabilia circuit last November working our sales booth. My big sale for the weekend was a Wilson white/red Michael Jordan "retirement" autographed basketball. What made the sale memorable was the fact that the ball could not be displayed because it was deflated. I remember the interested party asking me if we had any Jordan signed items other than photos. I knew this was our only chance to sell this deflated ball. The guy bought it for just under $1000. No questions asked.

For this show however, I will be working as a cameraman/interviewer. I will be responsible for gathering video footage of athletes signing items and interacting with the crowd. Or not interacting. I have a standard set of questions to ask the guys and have a bit of flexibility when it comes to time limits. All in all, this should be quite a memorable weekend for me. I'll be certain to have pics and interviews from the show up on the blog.
Friday's guest list includes:
Roberto Clemente mentor: Monte Irvin
Heisman bust: Rashaan Salaam
"The heater from Van Meter": Bob Feller
The Heisman counterfeiter: Billy Cannon
and the Bulls Second (2nd) coming: Derrik Rose

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