Friday, April 3, 2009

Seek and Enjoy

With a limping market for hobby enthusiasts, I have redirected my attention to a hobby that is almost as old as collecting cards itself. Mail autographs. Most novice collectors do not know that by simply sending a SASE and a short note and a card to a player, they most likely will return the card autographed. Two weeks ago I began this activity and am awaiting my returns. I sent for Jim Thome, Josh Hamilton and most recently Carlton Fisk.

Here are some general guidelines when requesting an autograph by mail.
1) Always be courteous and keep it simple and sweet. Players do not want to hear your life story on why they are your favorite player. It's OK to include a BRIEF story of why you enjoy or enjoyed them as a player.
2) Do not forget to include a SASE. Do not assume that the player will simply have a stamping meter at their disposal for such instances.
3) Not a good idea to send a rookie card or jersey card to get signed. There is no insurance on getting these cards back and the mail guy who might collect himself may "forget" to drop it in the mailbox.
4) Three cards is the max on items to request getting signed.
5) Don't count on acquiring too many A-listers. It's always a good idea to get as many B-listers and "up and comers" as possible. An Alexi Ramirez or Longoria was probably much easier to acquire a couple years ago.
I will keep you posted on how my returns go.
"Hot Pack" update: Chipper Jones GU jersey pull. Spent $2.99

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