Monday, April 6, 2009

Keep em' comin'

My son and I got our first mail autograph back today. We sent two cards to Jim Thome less than two weeks ago. Both cards were received today in the SASE we provided. However, only one card was sent back signed. We were happy nonetheless.
My son and I learned our first important lesson in our mail autograph hobby. Always request that the player sign the card in ink. As you can or cannot see in the photo, Thome apparently used black sharpie marker to sign the card. The card itself is a glossy cardboard which does not bode well for a sustained autograph. Oh well....
We recently sent out a Upper Deck Miguel Cabrera,Carlos Quentin, and Alex Rodriguez Home Run leaders card. The card was sent to Quentin. My hope is to have all three eventually sign the card. My hope is that A-Roid will break down and sign some cards for some big kids like me.

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  1. Glossy cards ruin the great hobby of signed card collecting.